SEM positioning

in search engines

Achieve your goals and gain visibility in less time thanks to Google advertising strategies.

What do you get with an
SEM Strategy?

Custom segmentation

You will be able to achieve your business goals with a better focus thanks to market research, and personalized segmentation. Because of those processes, you will know your target interests and purchase intentions.

Personalization of campaigns

Through an analysis focused on the intelligent personalization of your audience, it will be possible to promote your brand according to your target audience.


Your brand will have a presence in search engines to attract the attention of the correct people at the right time. In addition to visibility, this generates recall and increases sales.

Real-time measurement

Digital advertising tools provide real-time data about performance and ad behavior. This makes it possible to analyze and improve campaigns to obtain better results.

Custom budget

You will be able to focus the budget on the desired goal since we create media plans that meet your company's objectives.


An SEM campaign places your brand on several digital platforms under an intelligent segmentation approach. This action allows you to increase recognition in less time and boost the conversion rate.

Get results in less time

By activating an SEM campaign, you can start to see exponential growth in traffic to your website in a matter of hours. This process translates into obtaining leads in a short period of time.

positioning plan

Keyword research

Through specialized tools, we identify trending keywords and use them for your strategy in the target audience.

Ad Writing

We analyze the effectiveness of ads that allow us to achieve the quality requirements to obtain the best ranking.


Deep competition analysis to identify factors that can strengthen or affect your brand strategy. The information obtained is helpful to maintain your brand proactive and at the forefront.

Analysis of stakeholders

Having a clear idea about the preferences and needs of your target audience is only possible with a specialized analysis. Consolidating this point is essential to carrying out the strategy with an assertive approach.

Constant optimization

Campaigns are constantly monitored, allowing real-time action to be taken in case improvements are needed to achieve the expected result.

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Frequently Asked Questions about
advertising on Google
¿How does SEM work at Google?

Through ads. Your brand will appear in search engines within the first results.

¿What are the benefits of advertising on Google?

The biggest benefit of SEM is that it increases the visibility of your brand in different digital channels in a short time. In addition, it allows you to segment, use different formats, collect data, adjust the budget to your goals, and increase your website traffic.

¿How long does digital advertising take to have results?

The results depend on the learning stage of the campaigns. The advantage is that these results occur faster due to the opportunity to reach.

¿How is an SEM positioning strategy measured?

Metrics such as CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Thousand), and CTR (Click-through Rate), among others, are the principal source of measurement in SEM. They contain specific data for each campaign, which is analyzed to measure the results.

¿What is a digital advertising remarketing strategy?

Is a method that will help improve ROI (Return On Investment). It is based on personalized ads for those users who have previously visited your website.